Half term feels like yesterday and before you know it, the kids are back at school! I actually miss my Yara already but we had such a blast on her week off!

One of the things we did which was a bit different to our usual, was chocolate decorating. We were invited to Auberge du Chocolat in leafy Chesham to one of their school holiday chocolate decorating class. These run every Wednesday during all school holidays and are suitable for 4-9 year olds.

We rocked up at an industrial estate and although parking is not usually a problem, I would suggest getting there early to nab a spot.

The wonderful Anne Scott, who along with her team, started the company in 2005 out of a passion for all things chocolate (I think it may be a lot of people’s dream to open their own chocolate factory!) She gave us a quick health and safety debrief and off the kids went to the decorating room. Each child washed their hands and were then given a rectangular slab of chocolate. Anne started to tell a story and with the sweets that were handed out, they had to decorate the slab with the story. They had pots of coloured, melted chocolate which they dipped their (clean) fingers into and paint the slab and use it also as glue. I don’t know how all those kids behaved themselves and didn’t lick their fingers because I would have been straight in eating and licking anything and everything….it just all looked so yummy!


Once the kids were done and washed their hands, they had to let their chocolate artwork dry. There were some *interesting* creations. You don’t realize that it’s not that easy decorating with chocolate but it’s very therapeutic. There’s even a term in the Urban Dictionary: chocolate therapy 😉


Anne has a little shop next door where she sells lots of her own chocolate creations, perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day next month. And speaking of Mother’s Day, she is running a chocolate decorating drop in session (Friday, 9th March 2018 from 12-6pm) for only £5 per child.


What’s great about Auberge du Chocolat is they do kids and teenagers’ birthday parties. It’s something a bit different to the usual soft play or village hall birthday and name me one child who doesn’t love chocolate! Anne told me that it’s actually the teenagers who love the parties there the most because they have the dexterity to be a bit more creative with their chocolate!

Before this little trip, I had never heard of Auberge du Chocolat but it was a nice surprise to learn it is very local to us in Bucks and the chocolate sells in National Trust shops – more reason to love it. Anne is working hard on growing the business so if you want to support her, get yourself down to Chesham and give the decorating a go because I promise you, the kids will love it…and you will too!

Petra x