It was the last weekend in November which can only mean we are THAT bit closer to Christmas – how exciting! On a cold but sunny Saturday morning, we were invited down to my favourite theatre, Norden Farm to watch their production of “Miki”. Along with theatre company Slot Machine, the lovely people at Norden Farm have brought the beautifully illustrated book by Stephen Mackey to life in the most colourful way possible.

Photo credit: Luminous Photography

As soon as we sat down, I noticed all the kids were mesmerized by the set, intrigued at what lies behind the mountains and big lump of ice. As always, I will not ruin it for you and tell you the whole play – that’s your job to go see it. However, what I can say is that it took three actors to play it all out and there were so many characters and costume changes involved – I actually think they were shapeshifters – it was impressive!

Photo credit: Luminous Photography

The music accompanied Miki in her deep sea adventure wonderfully and some of the characters were so funny (crab) and some slightly eerie (mama octopus) but it bound together in a sort of way only people who do children’s theatre understand and can make it work.

Photo credit: Luminous Photography

Yara absolutely loved it and her love of theatre is growing as she begins to concentrate on the plot. It was a lovely gesture from the cast to pose outside for photos and for the kids to actually see the puppets. It’s this that I love about Nordern Farm – none of that pay X amount of money to pose for a photo with your favourite character from the play. They just get the cast out and get involved with the kids and parents really appreciate that.


“Miki” is the centre’s Christmas showpiece and although it wasn’t a very Christmassy show, it brought an element of winter, ice and magic which puts you and your kids in the mood for snuggling up with a mug of hot chocolate and think about cold nights and Christmas adventures to come. Book your tickets quick as they’re selling out fast.

Petra x