Half-term just before Halloween has to be the best time for lots of activities for the kids, and since it’s not freezing yet (OK, maybe it is a bit), you can have a good run around outdoors if the sun or clouds are out.

Last week, my mama friend Maria and our kids ventured beyond Buckinghamshire and into Surrey where we visited Crockford Bridge Farm. It came up after a quick Google search, with a pumpkin patch and a spooky woodland play. That’s Halloween all wrapped up in a day I thought. Tickets to the play were £10 per person, and that included entry into the pumpkin patch.

We arrived there at 11am and saw mountains of the orange stuff, it was a feast for the eyes (and Instagram). Lots and lots of kids were frolicking with all that squash and parents running after them, worried they might shove something into their mouths and come out with a rash. Our little ones were loving all the different types of pumpkins, munchkins and squash and the various scarecrows on display.

We then queued up for our turn to watch the spooky woodland play ‘The Wonder Woods’, which was all about finding ‘Queen Vanity’. I didn’t understand much of the plot but the set design throughout the woods was wonderful and the kids seemed to be having fun so I thought that was £10 per head worth investing in.

After a quick sandwich, the kids played around in the playground while Yara got her face painting done and then we went back to the pumpkin patch to choose some small pumpkins (they ain’t cheap!)

All in all, it was a great day out for the kids more than for the adults. Half term is a pretty chaotic time but if you’re willing to put up with the madness, then definitely head to Crockford Bridge Farm, particularly around Christmas as I believe they are having a Grotto in the forest! Start planning!


Happy Halloween 🎃

Petra x 👻