Since Yara started school last month, it’s been really difficult to update this blog. Learning to read and write has taken up most afternoons and weekends are spent running around swimming lessons and catching up with family and friends.

So when we were invited to spend the weekend at our friends’ house in Southwater near Horsham, we jumped at the opportunity to do some fun stuff.

My friends have 3 young boys so Yara had plenty to keep her entertained. On the Saturday, we went to a local art exhibition and the kids played with clay, had face paintings and got stuck in some colouring. I managed to buy a print for Yara’s room, made by artist, Tracie Callaghan.


The next day, we headed to Petworth House, a stunning National Trust property with gorgeous autumnal grounds. But it was the inside of the place that took our breaths away. The Marble Room had one of the finest collections of Turner paintings in the country. I didn’t know where to look as everywhere I turned, a striking painting caught my eye. The kids were running around the place like lunatics and in order to appreciate it all, I had to take Yara aside, calm her down and I made her stand in front of one of Turner’s masterpieces known as The Egremont Seapiece.


I asked her what she could see and describe the scene to me, what colours she liked and what she didn’t like. I was so surprised with how much detail she went into  – impressive for a 4 year old. Now, I’m no art expert and was not exposed to anything of the sort until I was about 10 years old…but I think talking to her about it ‘might’ encourage her to like it more?

We saw a couple of paintings by William Blake, which were lost on Yara but I thought they were nice – gives you a sense of his psyche at the time when painting them.


We don’t have any artists in the family and I’m pretty damn sure she won’t be the next Picasso but if you can’t appreciate good art, then what’s the point of enjoying anything?

Watch this space for more art-inspired blog reviews, and if you have any tips on how to get your kids more into art, please share!

Have a great week everyone.

Petra x