I signed up to the Toucan Box on a whim, whilst having lunch with my brother last week. Don’t ask me why but I put it down to the sheer amount of rain we’ve had recently and the fact that I’m not exactly the craftiest mum on the block, so how do I entertain my little person???

So, today Yara received her first Toucan Box and was shaking with excitement, ripping it open without exactly knowing its purpose. It just had her name on the front of the box and that was enough to send her into hyper mode.

We managed to make the first craft activity within 15 minutes – mainly me putting it together and Yara next to me, handing me stuff. It was a lovely bee made of wax and it was pretty easy for a novice. Yara loved playing with it for about 5 minutes but then she wanted to move onto something else.

There were a few activities in the enclosed booklet but they were a bit similar to the stuff you get in a nice pub or restaurant, when your kid is given a sheet of activities and crayons. I think from that side of things, there is room for improvement from Toucan.

In a nutshell, the box is tailored to your child’s age and is meant to entertain over a fortnight. For a small child, that’s a long time to wait. Would you agree? We signed up for the ‘petite’ box, which is enough material for one craft activity and that will cost £5.95 (including delivery) a month. I keep thinking if I nipped into Hobbycraft, it might be cheaper but like I said, I’m not the craftiest mama. We still had fun with what we had!

Fancy trying it with your kids? You can get your first box for free by using this link: shttps://www.toucanbox.com/friends/petra-9lii

Have a great weekend and stay out of the rain!

Petra x