Amidst all the Christmas madness, little Yara and I found time this morning to have a quick coffee with my Brazilian mummy sidekick Claudia (you’ve met her before in the summer when we went to Maidenhead with the kids). The weather was drizzly, it was cold and the perfect time to be indoors and so Wycombe Museum is the top choice for such a day – and it’s convenient and in a practical location.


However, the museum is so much more than just convenient and practical…it’s heaven for parents!

Before you all go rushing in, listen up! This place always has a whole host of family activities for very reasonable prices. Entry to the museum is FREE and the cafe serves up good tea/coffee from the wonderful volunteers, cake, board games and books to keep the rascals entertained. Plus, the gift shop sells really cute things!

Have you fallen in love yet? I bed you have!


If you fancy exploring more, the museum gives you the whole history of our beloved town and each nook and cranny has a story to tell. It’s the heart and soul of the place. One room which is particularly popular with the kids is the kitchen, which is set up to resemble the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Kids can touch and play with everything; as the photo shows our kiddies going mental in that place!


This place is also fantastic for a good run around outdoors and there’s even a trail to follow if you’re feeling adventurous.


We met up with Hannah Ellams, Museum Director to tell us more about what they have planned for the next couple of months and you can watch my interview with her on my Facebook page:

Finally, thanks to Hannah we managed to get into one of the fantastic craft sessions the museum runs and today it was all about making little Christmas boxes. The toddlers surprised us by actually listening to instructions, patiently creating their boxes and showing them off 🙂


Go support your local area and visit Wycombe Museum – you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Petra x