Last weekend, we were a bit stuck as to what to do on a Sunday. Weather was nice but we just didn’t feel like going to the park. So, my friend Google pointed us to the Natural History Museum in Tring. Forty five minutes later and absolutely stunning views of the Chiltern countryside, we arrive at a building set amongst beautiful cottages and rolling hills. Completely unexpected and surprisingly nice.

The museum itself is part of the Natural History Museum in London, but on a much, much smaller scale. The collection belonged to Lionel Walter Rothschild, who came from a very rich family (think Rothschild bankers in the late 1800’s). When Rothschild was 21, his father gave him money to buy land and build a museum to fulfill his obsession and love with all things natural. And here we were standing in the very place he built, absorbing the wonder that he accumulated.


Yara absolutely loved seeing all the butterfly displays in big wooden cases which you open and close. Equally, she enjoyed seeing dinosaur bones and exhibits of rhinos, elephants and hippos. It’s magical for a toddler and for adults. My favourite part was seeing the kakapo bird (native to New Zealand) as Yara calls her poo kakapoo!!! I know it’s silly but funny for us!


They also had an interesting exhibition on Ancient Britain which was good to see as I knew nothing about the various species of humans that have lived on our great island!

The small shop was good but we wanted to have a cup of tea and the cafe looked very tired so we jumped in the car and decided to head to the village of Wendover as it looked so pretty on our way to the museum.

After a short drive,  we parked up on the high street and headed to what looked to be a popular cafe as there were plenty of people sitting outside, which is always a good sign. Little did we know we had just entered a chocolate emporium called Rumsey’s. To me, it felt like I had died and gone to heaven with all that chocolate around me to devour. And devour I did…I ordered a double chocolate mousse cake and a latte to wash it down with. Little Yara was yet again having a sugar high and loved her ice cream – to the point she started break-dancing to the amusement of the elderly people sitting amongst us!


All in all, a good afternoon spent wising up on all things natural sciences and topping off with some delicious, chocolatey goodness. I slept well that night 😉