Raspberries, strawberries, plums, courgettes, runner beans and sweetcorn. These and many more were available to pick when we headed on our adventure to Copas Farm in Cookham. We met up with my fellow mummy adventurer Janine and her daughter Pixie, whom Yara loves!

So we grabbed our baskets and started with the raspberries. Now I can honestly say Janine and I ate our way through the shrubs because those juicy berries were DELICIOUS!!! As for the kids, they ate and ate despite us saying we have to pay for it first. The hypocrites.

We then made our way through to the courgettes and we had different varieties to chose from. The sweetcorn was still not ready but the runner beans were. I managed to fill my basket with them because I make a delicious Arabic meal called “loubyé”.

Once we’d had enough (of the heat) and the kids started getting ratty (all those raspberries), we paid for our picks and off we headed to a nearby pub called The Ferry which I Googled by the plum trees.

After doing a few circles to find parking, Janine, the girls and I landed a table outside people would sell their grandmas to have. Close to the Cookham Locks, boats waded past in a serene setting. It might have even been romantic, had it not been for the kids 😉

Top quality burger and fish goujon for the girls, another burger for Mrs. Janine and a steak sandwich for moi. Yummy but beware the steak in the sandwich might be alive so if you like it well done, say so!

Vanilla ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie ended our adventure and by that point the little girls were high on sugar so it was our cue to exit. Gorgeous day with gorgeous company and would highly recommend if you’re looking for something different to do and teach your kids where their fruit and veg comes from. Just be careful of eating too many raspberries…you may just end up with raspberry bum. I’ll leave that to your imagination!