On Tuesday, I decided to take my brother who is visiting from Germany to Ruislip Lido. I explained it’s a lake with beautiful walks and places for Yara to play in. AND since it’s a Tuesday afternoon, it should be fairly quiet!

Boy was I so wrong!!! First and foremost, I had to park my car at Breakspear Crematorium (note that this car park closes at 5pm) and walked across. My brother  who loves his peace and quiet began having heart palpitations as soon as he saw the HUGE crowd at the beach (check out wide angle photo)! 

I decided to plod on as you can’t exactly tell a 3 year old “too busy we’re going home”. We arrived at the splash pad, swimsuit on and Yara was off playing with all the jets of water and swarms of kids running around screaming! She was loving it!

My brother, on the other hand kept complaining of the following:

  • Noise
  • Crowd
  • Kids
  • Bacteria
  • Bad smells

Ok so I have painted a picture of my bro as being a grumpy old man but he really isn’t! I did explain to him that we grew up in Beirut during the war which was in far worse (and more disgusting) conditions so he nodded and agreed.

To take Yara away from splash pad, I said to her “let’s go get ice cream” and she immediately abided 😉 However the queue to the gelato was snaky and the queue to the ice cream truck was lizardy so off we trotted back to the BP petrol station to get some ice cream.

That is finally when I had one happy toddler and one happy brother!!!

(Check Ruislip Lido website to see timings of the train there, it was heaving busy when we were there hence why we didn’t take it…and we needed to exercise a bit too!)

Ruislip Lido Railway