In August 2016, I got an email from a person I was hoping to work for as a copywriter, telling me my writing wasn’t quite up to the level he needed for a particular client (considering he published one of my previous articles).
We’ve all been there…that dreaded rejection, and it hurts. But the thing is, I know I’m not a rubbish writer. In fact, I’ve been writing for TV and radio for a decade and the last couple of years, I have written for magazines and newspapers.
So rather than having this email tip me over the edge with fury, I have decided to turn my talents to blog writing, with a focus on what I’m currently doingΒ  here in High Wycombe where I live with my lovely daughter and husband.
No one yet has written about how much there is to do in this South Bucks town and nearby areas…people simply treat it as a commuter town and it’s so much more! Think Chiltern Hills, The Rye, West Wycombe, the many farms to visit nearby…and that’s just a taster.
So, I’ll be updating all my adventures with the little one and chatting generally about life as a mum who wants to go back to work to make ends meets but gets crappy emails from people who won’t give her a chance (their loss).
I’m in control now and this is my chance. Hope you enjoy reading and please do let me know if my writing is not quite up to the expected level πŸ˜‰
Oh by the way, we’ve just been to Legoland in Windsor this weekend. It was only about 30 minutes away, a beautiful sunny Saturday (I know, what were we thinking!!!) but our little Yara loved it. She got in for free because she’s not
3 yet but luckily she was over 1m tall so managed to get on all the rides! Score!
Top tip for Legoland? Hire a QBot to beat the queues, worth every penny! Oh and get there really early.